6 Tips To Pass ICAN Exams In Nigeria At First Sitting

In this article, I am going to explain on how you can pass ICAN professional and ATS exams on your first sitting. This article also relates to other professional exams like ACCA, ICAEW, etc.

The Accounting Technicians Scheme (ATS) is a brain of the Association of Accounting Technicians. The various examinations that are related to this concept include ATS, AAT, ABWA, ATSWA, etc; and since you are reading this article, i believe you must have heard at least one of those terms.

The Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) comprises a series of examinations that are written across West Africa. It is not just about Nigerian, so be rest assured that it is well recognized. Getting an AAT certificate gives you an edge to write ICAN exams even without a BSc degree or HND in accounting and other related subjects. Furthermore, You will also be exempted from writing some courses, because you must have passed similar courses during your ATS. This also applies when you have your BSc certificate, you will get some exemptions because you must have passed through those courses during your university examinations.



One mistake that baby accountants make is that they do not start preparations on time. Preparations include everything that would make it possible for you pass the exams without stress. Get your study materials on time and do not wait for your lecture centre to inform you about availability. Make enquiry, ask around, get the materials you need – Textbooks, study packs, past questions, etc. Even if you’ve not started reading them, at least, your mind will be at rest that you have them at reach.


If you wish to pass ICAN exams, you have to focus on your goal. I am not saying that you should not continue with your life. But you have to free your mind so you can accumulate new knowledge. If you didn't pass your last diet, now is the time to start a new beginning and correct your previous mistakes. If you are having school problems, now is not the time to think about those. If you noticed that the syllabus is bigger than expected, now isn't the time to start complaining but a time to wake up to realities.


This is the tricky part. You must read all your syllabus if you want to pass ICAN exams. You mustn't know all the topics, but try and know the basic knowledge of them. If one of the topic seems too difficult, and it was not taught in your lecture centre, still read it. You could just spend a few minutes on it. You might skip the calculation part and face the thoeretical aspect. But never skip it totally.

When you finish with that, try and expand your knowledge with related textbooks. Don't depend solely on the study packs. Study packs are just basic guides for your study. It doesn't give you everything you need. Although in your studies, study packs should come first. If I read a textbook authored by Einstein, then maybe I’ll be able to solve Einstein puzzles without stress. Study packs are ICAN materials, so they should come first.


ICAN examinations aren't read and pour exams. They test what is in your brain… Not what you read last night. Well, even though what you read last night might just help you clear the papers. ICAN exams last for about 3 hours and more. If you didn't get enough sleep a night before the exam, you might not concentrate during the examination proper. Don’t become a victim of that if you want to pass the exams. Once your brain shuts down, you’ll be lost. Easy questions become harder to solve. It’ll feel like you’ve forgotten everything. So never go to the exam hall unprepared, get enough sleep.


Use their past questions to study. During my first ICAN exam, I did not use past questions. Although I passed the examination, maybe it would have been easier for me if I had used past questions. I didn't use any past questions in the second one too. Then when I picked up ICAN past questions before the third one, it really assisted me. I saw some areas that I had not properly covered.  Read past questions, especially the ones given by ICAN themselves, are really nice.


Always checkout the last minute tips. Go to you exam venue early so that you can calm your nerves and relax before the commencement of the exams. In the examination hall, don’t be in a hurry to get inside. Get in at your convenience… drop everything you have on you in a safe place. Don’t carry anything that can implicate you.