Konga, Visa Partner To Revolutionise e-Commerce Sector

Konga, Visa Partner To Revolutionise e-Commerce Sector

E-commerce giant, Konga, has partnered with digital payment firm, Visa, to revolutionise the e-commerce sector in Nigeria. The CEO of Konga Group, Nick Imudia, disclosed this in a statement in Lagos on Thursday.

He noted that that the collaboration would ensure a digitally-driven and rewarding payment experience for consumers by leveraging the delivery of digital and secured payments solutions across key segments of the Konga Group’s business portfolio, the strategic partnership was positioned to drive greater efficiency in the sector.

He also said that the partnership would offer shoppers and merchants on Konga’s online platform, walk-in customers, to its offline stores, a seamless digital payment experience when they pay exclusively with Visa.

Konga, Visa Partner To Revolutionise e-Commerce Sector

According to Mr Nick Imudia, a digital card will be issued to shoppers who use the KongaPay app, which will enable them to make payments everywhere Visa is accepted. He said that by simply scanning the Quick Response (QR) code provided by Kxpress delivery agents, users of the KongaPay app would be able to pay digitally at the time of delivery of their items.

Mr Imudia revealed that the development would lend further ease and convenience to the payment process and elevate standards in the e-commerce sector. “The partnership with Visa holds immense potential for e-commerce in Nigeria, owing to the numerous opportunities it offers to revolutionise the payment process and optimise offerings in the sector.

Konga, Visa Partner To Revolutionise e-Commerce Sector

“With this partnership, we are going to witness a digitally-driven and effortless payment experience for all classes of customers on the Konga platforms. “This development is not only momentous in view of its far-reaching implications for the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria but one that will go a long way to boost customer experience and confidence in the sector.

“We are very excited, especially in view of the many benefits this partnership will bring to our customers and millions of Nigerians in the days and weeks ahead,’’ Imudia noted.

Visa West Africa's General manager, Kemi Okusanya, also said that the collaboration was key for Visa, as it constantly looked for new opportunities to ensure that more people had access to unique payment experiences that were seamless, fast and secure.

“When it comes to making e-commerce transactions, people are continuously looking for the most convenient and secure ways to pay for products and also use several payment platforms when they travel to other parts of the world.

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