AFAR Develops Forensic Accounting Research To Curb Financial Fraud

AFAR Develops Forensic Accounting Research To Curb Financial Fraud

The Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers (AFAR) has disclosed that it is committed to the growth and development of forensic accounting research in the country to reduce incidence of financial fraud.

The Chairman of AFAR Governing Board, Prof Muhammad Mainoma, revealed this during the association’s first intensive training and induction programme held in Lagos.

Mainoma said, “People tend to do new things when there is dissatisfaction with the status quo or when there is new reality. Apart from the fact that there is growing concern on the level of fraud cases, scholars also see the need to support the courts to get conviction on matters of fraud.

“Sometimes, you could ascertain that fraud has actually taken place but you may not have evidence to convict anybody. This reality has necessitated the development of the body of knowledge that can establish basis for conviction. ”During the event, 150 fellows, 10 associates and six patrons were inducted as members of the association.

The association also launched its first journal, the print version and unveiled a book on forensic accounting research development and also gave awards of meritorious service to deserving Nigerians.

The Vice-President of the association, Dr Titilayo Fowokan, said the association would help to pull together resources in forensic researches in Nigeria and Africa.

Empirical research studies have shown that research and development are important contributors to economic growth, she said.
AFAR Global President, Dr Godwin Oyedokun, said the association was the first and the world’s largest platform for forensic account researches with members from all countries of the world.

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