Advantages Or Benefits Of ICAN ATSWA

Advantages Or Benefits Of ICAN ATS

Although you won't be called a chartered accountant or receive Benefits Of being a chartered accountant, but there are some benefits which a candidate who passed the ICAN ATSWA examinations stand to gain after qualifying. While you qualify as an Accounting Technician, don't relent on your quest to become a chartered accountant. Some of the benefits of ICAN ATSWA are as follows:

  • They will be formally admitted as Associate Members of the Association of Accounting Technicians Scheme and use the title AAT after their names.
  • They may elect or be elected to serve at the association’s level.
  • Their qualification is recognized by employers.
  • They may enroll for an HND or B.Sc. programme in Accountancy in some higher institutions of learning.
  • They are permitted to enroll for the Institute’s Professional Examinations.
  • They are granted full-exemption from the Foundation Examination of the Institute and thereafter proceed to write the Intermediate, Professional Examinations I , II and III
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