Download ICAN ATSWA Examination Study Pack on Quantitative Analysis (PDF)

Download ICAN ATSWA Study Pack on Quantitative Analysis (PDF)

COURSE TITLE: Quantitative Analysis
AIMS: The aims of this Course are:
• To provide candidates with a sound foundation in Quantitative Techniques which will assist understanding and competence in business decision-making processes that are encountered in practice.
• To develop a thorough understanding in statistical, business mathematical and operations
research techniques which will help in the day-to-day performance of duties of a typical Accounting Technician.
• To examine candidates‟ competence in the collection, collation, manipulation and presentation of statistical data for decision-making.
• To examine the candidates‟ ability to employ suitable mathematical models and techniques to solve problems involving optimization and rational choice among competing alternatives.

On completion of this paper, candidates should be able to:

a. discuss the role and limitations of statistics in government, business and economics;

b. identify sources of statistical and financial data;

c. collect, collate, process, analyse, present and interpret numeric and statistical data;

d. analyse statistical and financial data for planning and decision-making purposes;

e. Use mathematical techniques of the Operative Research to allocate resources judiciously;

f. Apply mathematical models to real life situations and to solve problems involving choice among alternatives.

ICAN ATSWA study pack on Quantitative Analysis - DOWNLOAD

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