ICAN Issues Accreditation Certificates to 24 Universities, 14 Polytechnics, Others

ICAN Issues Accreditation Certificates to 24 Universities, 14 Polytechnics, Others

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria (ICAN) has certified a total of 24 Universities, 14 Polytechnics, 3 Colleges of Education and 19 Tuition Houses and they have been presented with accreditation and recognition certificates.

The presentation ceremony was held last week in Lagos, Nigeria by ICAN President Alhaji Razak Jaiyeola who said the Institute’s decision to accredit institutions was informed by the need to sustain the high quality of ICAN examinations and ensure that students are adequately prepared for the different stages of the exams.

“This initiative that started in 1972 is also ICAN’s strategy for quality control and building of competent professionals capable of contributing significantly to development of the country”, he said. He explained that the move was part of efforts to address the major causes of students’ poor performances in ICAN’s examinations.

He said that ICAN Accreditation Certificate as an endorsement of such institutions’ capabilities to provide qualitative training for would-be Chartered Accountants as the recipients have successfully gone through stringent evaluation criteria and have been adjudged adequate for the provision of top notch training programmes for ICAN students.

He assured that ICAN would continue to assist all Accredited/Recognised institutions in their efforts to achieve the noble objective of producing well-trained candidates that would achieve success in our Institute’s qualifying professional examinations. He informed that visitations to the accredited institutions are conducted periodically to ensure they do not compromise the set standards.

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