My ICAN Success Story - Godfrey Ebimobowei

My ICAN Success Story - Godfrey Ebimobowei
Godfrey Ebimobowei on his induction

My name is Donyabi, Godfrey Ebimobowei. The road was never easy for me but I scaled through by His grace.

My dad lost his lucrative job, my younger brother was seriously ill which cost my dad a lot of money to treat him, my parent separated and the same year I gained admission into the higher institution but I couldn’t further my studies because I had no sponsor. It was like hell for me that year coupled with the fact that I had not gotten out of the pains I passed through when my best friend, Late Daniel kelvin Ebikabowei betrayed our friendship by allowing death to take his life. And my dad gave me his blessings “Godfrey anything you do in life; God will surely expose you for good and people will acknowledge you for your worth” and he further gave me a caveat to this prayer “But Godfrey you must work hard because if you fail today neither me nor your mother will be held responsible but you”

I started my first work on January 4, 2011 in a factory (LG) and the first Salary I received was N9,000 and subsequently N11,000 as salary and I was just trying to manage myself to keep body and soul together and also to comply with the advice of my dad.

I was still working in the factory and later in the year I came across my secondary classmate(Lawal Sikiru (AAT)) who was running ICAN ATS programme and he gisted me about ICAN and he convinced me “you don’t have to be rich to run ICAN programme”... this was what gingered me to run this ICAN programme, that year I enrolled for the programme even though my salary then was meagre, I registered with Safe Associates Ltd ICAN tutorial as recommended by my friend(Sikiru) in December 2012 to write March 2013 diet; my first day in class was not funny, I was asked if I would be able to cope with the system lecture-wise(because they had gone far with lectures), financially and otherwise because I registered late and I said let us how it goes.

I wrote my first exam in March 2013 (ATS 1) while still working in the factory and my exam fee was far higher than my salary; thank God to Sherifat (Sherry) who assisted me with the payment of my ATS 1 exam fee. The result came out after 6 weeks based on the standard and I passed 3 out of 4, I was demoralized but my motivator (Akinsulire Yewande(AAT,Bsc,ACA)) gave me reasons to continue with the programme.I wrote the paper I failed in September 2013 and I passed.That year most times I do trek from Apapa to Ojuelegba just to meet up with classes and there was no fund to finance my transport.

I wrote my ATS 2 exams in March 2014 while still working in the factory and I got another work immediately after the exam in an accounting firm as office assistance with the help of my ATS 1 classmate and co-worker Nwankwo Fidelia on March 24,2014. When the result came out I passed 3 out of 4. I still picked up the courage to continue and I wrote again in September 2014 and passed. This time around I was staying in my tutorial to read overnight and also to minimize expenses.

I wrote my ATS 3 exams in March 2015 and passed all and was inducted in June 2015 as AAT and I was promoted. I registered for ICAN professional programme the same year and I was given some exemtions as AAT member. I was supposed to write November 2015 but I didnt write because I was not financially bouyant. During my ATS 3 days ; Thanks to sochima Umeh(my friend turn brother who was trying in his own little way to assist me with his food and we lived as brothers those days, same goes to my Ijaw sister Hannah Clement (AAT) and Shakirat (AKA Shakira) who assisted in their ways to see me happy in class. I must not forget Jide (AAT,Bsc) (Omo Bababeji) in a rush,Toheeb and Collins Ibe(AAT,ACA) you made my ATS 3 a memorable one.God bless you for me.

I wrote May 2016 diet (Skilled level) and passed 3 out of 4. I wrote the outstanding paper and passed it in November 2016 diet. As usual I was short of fund but thank God to Nigerian Army Lt. Bola (ACA) who paid 3 quarter of my exam fee in Skill Level and also to Tosin (ACA) (Tosin my woman like I do call her in class).

I wrote my Final papers in May 2017 (Final Level) and passed 3 out 5 and I wrote the oustanding 2 papers in November 2017 and passed all and to the Glory of God I became a qualified Chartered Accountant. Thanks to Merit Isaac who tried in her own little way and to my sister from my Mother’s Village who completed my final exam fee (Mercy Ogori).

I was promoted after I qualified.

I was inducted as an ACA member of ICAN on May 8,2019. A day I live to remember. Thanks to Ann Onyinyechi Eze my paddy of life who is always bordered about my career and also to my Boss (Mr Solomon Osunba (FCA) who has always given me reasons to be focused and determined in life and also to my fellow colleagues in Solomon Osunba & Co. (Chartered Accountants) for your support and to my family members and friends (The list is too long) for your support.

I faced so many challenges while running the programme:
I was downgraded that people who are not rich cannot run ICAN programme.
I had to tutor my friends just to get food in return (i.e stomach infrastructure...LOL)
I passed through hell just to scale through my ICAN programme. I remembered my final exams in may 2017 I was admitted almost one month in the hospital; my friends had a secret meeting with the doctor and told the doctor “Godfey doesn’t give himself rest that he is always in Church,School or Work and he is workaholic” and the funny doctor recommended that I should stop reading for a while and if possible I should forfeit my exams; I adhered to the non-reading aspect recommendation of the doctor but I refused to forfeit the exams slated for May 2017 and I managed to pass 3 out of 5 even though I was black out in the exam hall.

I was always determined and focus to be successful in my life even though the road was rough and some people discouraged me that I cannot enroll for ICAN programme with my financial status. I was not discouraged by the words of people with negative thought instead I see them as instrument to suceed. I listened to the advice of my parent who always wanted me to be educated at all cost because they were not educated but they value it and also to the advice of my mentor and friends.

You might think that the problems of this world is on you but I tell you that if you strive hard you will surely reach the top. Be focused and disciplined no matter the circumstance. Always plan adequately and give yourself deadlines for every tasks you have. Pray and work hard. If I CAN make it; you are not exempted from scaling through.

On this note I wish to congratulate myself and also wish to appreciate all my well wishers and those who contributed financially and otherwise to see through this programme. I am the first Chartered Accountant from Donyabi’s race...more wins and celebration to come from the donyabi’s family...stay tune.
Thanks and God bless.
Donyabi, Godfrey Ebimobowei (AAT, ACA)

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  1. This story inspires me so much. Thanks you and congratulation to Godfrey.