Taxes Collected By The Three Tiers Of Government In Nigeria

Taxes of each tier of government in Nigeria have been clearly documented by the Joint Tax Board (JTB) so as to avoid multiple collections of taxes from the same taxpayer at least in theory. The different taxes are as follows:

The Federal government is the largest and most powerful tier of government in Nigeria. There taxes includes:

(i) Companies Income Tax.
(ii) Custom and Excise Duties.
(iii) Value Added Tax.
(iv) Education Tax
(v) Personal Income Tax in respect of:-
(1) Armed Forces, Police, etc.
(2) Non resident individuals and companies. (3) Staff of Nigeria Foreign Service.
(4) Individuals resident in the Federal capital Territory.

The state government is the second tier of government in Nigeria. There are 36 states in Nigeria, the taxes they collect are:
(i) Personal Income Tax.
(ii) Road Taxes
(iii) Pools betting and lotteries.
(iv) Business premises registration
(v) Development Levy.
(vi) Naming of street registration in state capitals
(vii) Right of occupancy on land owned by state
(viii) Market taxes on state financed taxes.

The local government is the last and smallest arm government in Nigeria. The local government is very close to the people. The following are the taxes they collect
(i) Shops and Kiosks rates.
(ii) Tenement rates.
(iii) On and off liquor license fee.
(iv) Slaughter slab fees
(v) Marriage, Birth and death Registration Fees (Rural Areas).
(vi) Right of Occupancy on land in rural areas.
(vii) Market Taxes and Levies.
(viii) Motor Park Levies
(ix) Domestic Annual License Fees.
(x) Bicycle, Truck, Canoe, Wheelbarrow, and Cart Fees.
(xi) Cattle tax payable by cattle farmers only.
(xii) Merriment and Road Closure Levy.
(xiii) Radio and Television License Fees (other than radio and television transmitter)
(xiv) Vehicle Radio License (Local Government Registration of the vehicle).
(xv) Wrong Parking Charges
(xvi) Public Convenience and Refuse Disposal, Customary burial ground permit fees.
(xvii) Religious Place Establishments Permit Fees
(xviii) Signboard and Advertisement Permit Fees.