ANAN Advices Government On Ways To Tackle Corruption

Accountants have adviced government not to allow one person to initiate and approve transactions in agencies and departments in order to reduce the level of corrupt practices in the country.

President Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Muhammed Mainoma said that the mechanism can easily be developed where no one individual will be able to approve payment.

He further stated that exposing the procedure of payment approval of money to more than two to three people or where different people are involved will reduce corruption in Nigeria.

Mainoma who disclosed this in Abuja at a dinner organised in honour of the President and members of council’s move to the nations capital.

He also said that the profession should be saddled with a lot of ethical consideration where incoming professionals are trained on ethics in the university and during their professional trainings.

His words, “As it is today, accountants are seen as part of the problem of the society and it behoves on us that are already in the profession to make it in a way that people will see in terms of the society and what we can contribute at the national level that it should be that we are training people that can stand on their own and manage resources through mechanisms that can make the profession attractive to incoming professionals, the society and governance generally.

“Ones you have a profession that is saddled with a lot of ethical consideration, ones the training is such that the issue of integrity is stressed, ones the modules are such that makes it so their is a level of control that makes it impossible for people to easily steal money and it is easy to develop the mechanism where no one individual will be able to approve payment