Details of 53rd ICAN AATWA induction Ceremony 2020

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) in collaboration with Association of Accountancy Bodies In West Africa (ABWA) present to us the Association of Accounting Technicians West Africa (AATWA) 53rd induction ceremony.

Details of 53rd ICAN AATWA induction Ceremony 2020

This is also to inform all ATSWA students who passed the final examination before or in the year 2020, that registration for AATWA induction ceremony is in progress. It will be held online on Monday, 14th December, 2020 by 11am. Application fee is N19,500.



Pay Direct: Pay directly into ICAN e-Collection Account at any commercial bank. 

Obtain your payment receipt and thereafter generate PIN and Serial No (SNo) at ICAN website:

Online payment using internet explorer

Paydirect: go to to pay and proceed to online registration

Quickteller: to pay and proceed to online registration

Webpay: to pay and proceed to online registration


a) Requirements:

Scanned soft copy (JPEG format, 20kb maximum file size) of your passport-sized photograph (white background) for the online registration.

b) Procedures:

  1. After generating PIN and SNo, complete the online form at ICAN website: and click on submit.
  2. Applicants are expected to submit scanned copies of the completed and duly signed application forms and other documents strictly at
  3. No submission of hard copy of application form to any ICAN office, hardcopy should be kept by applicants for future use.
  4. Application form must be signed by the applicant and at least one referee (AAT or ACA) who is financially up to date.
  5. All applicants who submitted their forms to the designated email address shall be contacted after vetting

Applicants are advised to re-confirm their registration online three days after the date of registration, using the details on the PIN Voucher obtained at the bank.


  1. Certified photocopies of ATSWA I, II & III Examination Result Slips
  2. Exemption letter (if applicable)
  3. Academic Credentials
  4. Bank Payment Teller details
  5. Evidence of subscription payment


Holders of the Association of Accounting Technicians qualification can use their certificate to proceed to the ICAN Professional qualifying examinations scheme and eventually qualify as full-fledged Chartered Accountants.

The AAT certificate can also be used to secure admission into a University to study B.Sc Accounting, Banking & Finance, Economics, Taxation, Business Administration, etc. Many Nigerian Universities equate AAT Certificate with ND (Accounting) Upper Credit and, so, admit holders into 200 level of a relevant degree programme. This is particularly crucial because these days, importance is attached to University degrees by employers of labour in the Nigerian and global economy.

An AAT certificate holder can work in both the private and public sectors of any economy in the world. The certificate indicates competence, integrity and ability to take on responsibility of an accounting nature. The duties that might be assigned vary from organization to organization.

They range from more routine to technical works. In the commercial and industrial sectors, holders of AAT certificate should be able to earn rapid promotion to middle level management particularly with dedication and hard work

Holders of the AAT certificates are very good Audit clerks – checking records and conducting bank reconciliations.

  1. He/She may be an invoice clerk checking invoices and arranging payments.
  2. Be required to prepare data for computer system or to prepare accounts and cash flow statements.
  3. Be required to prepare or check PAYE, VAT and other tax returns.
  4. May also be involved in more technical aspects of auditing, preparation of financial statements and budgeting.
  5. Be used as supervisors in some organizations – planning and monitoring the work of other junior staff.

These are just some of the opportunities open to holders of AAT Certificates.

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