How to Generate ICAN e-Voucher 12 Digits Pin

How to Generate The Registration E-Voucher PIN to check ICAN Exam Result

The Registration E-Voucher 12 Digits PIN is the number you generated during d registration process using the reference number on the slip that was given to you at the bank.

You are advised to copy out the pin as you would need it. You can also use your BANK DEPOSIT (receipt) number to generate the pin, use the instruction on the slip as if you are trying to register for the exams all over again..

If you have your bank receipt, go to Fill in the following information as required in the website.

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  1. I lost my registration generate e vouchers, please how to retrieve it back. Reply back urgent.

  2. Pls i how can I pay for my ICAN registration fee of 7000.. I went to the bank and was ask for registration number that I don't have yet...

    1. I advice you go to an approved tutorial centre and do your registration for like 9-10k because it will save you a lot of stress.