The Difference Between Busy And Productive

The Difference Between Busy And Productive

Productivity is not measured by how many tasks you accomplished from your to-do list. It is measured by the progress you make on important outcomes.

It is very easy to be busy doing all kinds of things that make no difference to the task you are trying to accomplish. You can agree to do all kinds of work and undertake projects that consume your time and energy but, while interesting, you are doing nothing to move your major projects or goals.

For you to be productive is about narrowing your focus. It’s about having priorities. It means that you carefully highlight what is very important thereby terminating things that are not worth Investing your time and energy on. It’s not honourable to be busy, no matter how many tasks you accomplish in a day. A day is said to be successful when you make major progress on what is most important.

If you are struggling with this idea, you can use a time journal to take a measurement and make adjustments. You can Start by jotting down everything you do from the time you wake up until when you go to bed. Make this a daily routine for three or four days, and be completely honest with yourself.

That means writing down that you spent 20 minutes of your time on bed looking at social media on your mobile device, that you spent an hour on the phone with someone else's issues, and that you spent just over two hours chatting. Maybe you also spent forty-five minutes on your most important issues.

By taking a look at what you really do and how little of it is related to what you want to accomplish. You create the awareness that always bring about a positive change. That positive change expects you to raise your standard, that you make a decision and act on the idea that you are going to prioritize the most important things instead of what makes you busy.

If the things you are doing is not moving you closer to your aims, then stop doing them and do something totally different. It makes no sense to be so busy and you are not productive.

Written by Onyema Donald for TRENDING ACCOUNTING
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