5 Businesses That Require Small Start-up Capital

Five businesses that require small start-up capital

A major barrier to people thinking of establishing their own business is the believe that start-up costs are prohibitively high. Here is the list of 5 businesses that require small set-up capital

A Search Engine Optimisation business is a lucrative in Nigeria because it can fetch you a lot of money with little or small more start-up capital. Becoming an expert in SEO means learning an improved variety of Search Engine Optimisation skills to help improve a website or blog search engine rank. You can start your own company when you have learned a lot of ideas on SEO.

To start up an SEO company, you must know how search engine works and how to ensure your client’s websites rank increases ahead of competitors after optimisation.

If you are looking for a business with low start-up capital in Nigeria? If you have got a way with words and business nous, then you might want to consider starting a copywriting business in Nigeria.

Copywriting can be in form of direct mail, a web page or even a jingle. The job of a copywriter is to use persuasive language to sell or raising awareness of a product, idea or service – a skill that is very high in demand by some of the biggest brands in Nigeria and the world.

An intelligent copywriter can convince the casual consumer to switch brand allegiance and generate supercharge sales – the success of a campaign rests on the shoulders of the quality of its written content. Copywriting represents a very affordable start-up opportunity for someone with a good grasp of grammar and a way with words.

Utilising social media to its fullest potential can take a business to the next level especially if done correctly. The world of social media marketing is still new to many people and is constantly evolving in Nigeria.

So entering the digital world can be very intimidating to those looking to expand their business's online presence. Outsourcing is the best option for business owners who aren't interested in handling social media marketing themselves. Therefore, providing social media services to other companies can be a business in itself.

If you have plans on how to start your own social media business, consider looking at existing social media companies in Nigeria.

These companies basically specialise in maintaining the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and blog presence for other businesses. They assist other business owners with planning social media strategy.

If you are looking for a quick and lucrative way to make money online, then the answer is blogging although it requires alot of time and patience.

Blogging is turning out to a full-time job for a lot of people around the world. Apart from being a medium to express your feelings, improve writing skills, expertise and experiences, blogs can turn into alternate means to earn some Money.

Like I said earlier, blogging takes time before you can start earning big if you implement the right strategy, you can start making money in less than six months.

With the current recession, intermittent layoffs and salary cuts – you can make some extra money through blogging.

Web design or development is another cool business that requires small set-up capital. It also requires technical know-how to start making money through it.

Deciding to start a web design or development business is not an easy task. It requires a certain degree of tenacity, diligence, ambition to begin working for yourself and a lot more things you need to know before starting your web design company .
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