Reasons Why Your Savings Are Not Growing

Reasons Why Your Savings Are Not Growing

You have been saving money for quite a while now but anytime you check your account balance it seems you are not serious. Growth seems very far out of reach, it seems like you’ll be stuck in your present financial state. 

Why Your savings Is Not growing?

We all want our bank account balance to grow, isn't it? However, if you’re wondering why your money is not growing, maybe there is something you are doing wrong. Often, we don’t know that small mistakes in addition to our carelessness can negativity affect our money.

Irrespective of your experience with your money at the moment, here are some simple reasons your money is not growing:

1. You Are Dipping Into Your Savings

All those times that you are dipping into your savings are probably catching up with you. There might have been some financial constraint that warranted extra cash and without hesitation you dipped into your savings account. This is one of the major problem with people who have neither budget nor emergency fund. Set aside some amount of money for emergency, the money you can take from when an important need arises. Don't go dipping into your savings to avoid stagnant savings

2. You Are Not Saving Enough Money

In a case where you spend first then save later: The leftovers for savings might actually be too small for savings. The ideal saving situation is to save first and spend later. You can also prepare a budget, know the amount of money to be saved, the amount for partying and clubbing, the amount to give your parents and girlfriend. Don't touch the money meant for saving.

3. You’re Stuck On The Same Amount

Yes you have been advised to set aside a stipulated amount for savings but no one says you should remain at that same spot even when there is an increase in income. Learn to always increase the amount you save from time to time as your income increases or when you have a small budget for the month have a large amount of money as leftover. Don't forget that you can’t keep doing the same things the same way and expect different results.

4. You Don’t Have Goals

A lot of people just save for saving sake or because saving is a thing in the business world. They don't have actual plan or goals they want to meet. Nothing motivates a person better than vision. For instance: you are saying to buy land, you are saving to build a house, you are saving to pay your school fee, etc. You will surely be motivated to save more. If you set yourself goals (either short term and long term); you’ll find yourself doing so much more enthusiastically. What are your money goals before December 2021? How much do you need to save monthly in order to meet those goals? Your savings will definitely grow with such directives.

5. You Don’t Make Enough Money

The problem most times is not with the willingness and zeal to save but in the availability of cash. Most people want to save but simply can't save because don’t earn enough. If that’s the case for you, the ball is in your court. You have to look out for ways to earn more; take an extra job, start a side hustle, take an online gig; anyway you want it, just ensure that you’re earning enough money.
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