Problems With Getting ACA Certificate Without A Degree In Accounting Or Related Field

Problems With Getting ACA Certificate Without A Degree In Accounting Or Related Field

Many Nigerians irrespective of your career have ICAN to thank for liberalising admission into the accounting profession with their "come as you are" policy. Are you a jobless engineer? ICAN. Are you a lawyer who wants to change career? ICAN. Are you just looking for a plan B? ICAN. Your just want to pass time or show you're smart? ICAN.
But all is not rosy guys.

Chartered accountants without a degree in accounting or a cognate discipline (Economics, finance, Management, etc) will face a number of obstacles or bottlenecks in the accounting profession here in Nigeria. Below are the ones testified to:

1) Many private employers say a degree in Accounting or cognate discipline is a must. Showing a history degree, Medicine degree + ACA won't cut it. And pls don't say AAT because many employers in most parts of Nigeria don't know what it's for. A recruiter once told me a 2.1 (second class upper) in Accounting is the minimum 80% of his clients demand. To him chartered accountancy for non accounting degree holders makes him imagine many slip through by chance. After all only 50% is required to pass.

2)The Govt Accounting departments (even the tax authority) likes accounting and law degrees. ACA and ACTI are additional. They won't let it stand alone.

3) No career in lecturing Accounting. No matter how suitable for the role you are and how many professional memberships you get, you can never be an accounting lecturer without an accounting degree or related courses.

4) Many SMEs don't even want chartered accountants to serve their relatively modest accounting needs. A degree or HND in Accounting is the default.

5) Some employers say they doubt the "passion" of the individual. Like are you sure this one is not a hustler who is good at passing exams?
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