How To Pass ICAN Case Study Examination

How To Pass ICAN Case Study Examination
During the last syllabus review by The institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria (ICAN), as a result of the loopholes seen in chartered Accountants that are already practicing, the institute decided to introduce Case Study in 2014. While MDCS looked retrospectively, CS examination was designed to look prospectively (it tests your knowledge as a practising accountant).

I know most students may have seen the study text provided by the institute for the examination. It is a 46-page study pack; and this has made students' preparation for the paper irksome. In the last diet's examination, I know a student who scored 18% and another who scored 80% in Case Study. They both read same study material but have different critical thinking/analytical skill.

Here are few steps to passing ICAN Case Study Examination:

Even if you are writing the paper for the fifth time, never claim to know everything. During lectures, assume that you are seeing the course for the first time (it enhances quick understanding of what the course is all about).

Before rushing to answer any Case Study question in the examination, you should be able to analyze the question in order to improve your understanding of what you are required to do. Poor analytical skill may deceive you into thinking that an internal Memo should be sent to a client (we all know that Memos are used within an organization). A good analysis will give you an edge. Many students have failed for lack of proper understanding if they should write an internal report/Memo or an external report.

3. BUILD YOUR REPORT FROM APPENDIX: Your report becomes clear and concise if it is built from the Appendixes. The Appendices gives you a clear view of facts and figures for your report writing. Do not write the main report before the Appendixes. It is like putting a cart before a horse. Failure is imminent.

You should have a good command of the English language. You may think that accountants only deal with figures but after preparing a financial statement, you are going to write the report in English Language. I have never seen anyone speaking figures.

Case Study examination question is a 15-page question. Do not be intimidated by its bulkiness or size. Don't panic, flip through the paper page by page to familiarize yourself with the content of it.

I have sat for a paper where my points started flowing towards the end of the examination but time became a constraint. In CS examination, keep on writing until you hear the order "pens up". Follow the planned timing of the paper as directed by the examiner.

Goodluck in your examination and congratulations in advance.
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