Procedures To Become An ICAN FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant)

Procedures To Become An ICAN FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant)

The term "FCA" is an accounting term which means FELLOW CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. The qualification can be gotten after an associate chartered accountant has practiced for five years and above. The Fellowship of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN, is the highest rank a member can attain in his/her career as a professional Chartered Accountant. The FCA is higher than Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA).


  1. Members in the following category are eligible for transfer to Fellowship:
  2. Members in practice, with Licence to Practise, with 5 years post Induction experience.
  3. Members not in practice, with 10 years post Induction experience.

a. Application is STRICTLY online.

b. Pay Direct: pay directly the stipulated fee into ICAN eCollection Account via cheque, draft, internal transfer at any Commercial Bank in Nigeria. Obtain your payment Receipt and thereafter proceed with your registration at ICAN website:

c. Naira ATM Card

The application forms are processed for Council's consideration. Successful applicants are duly informed of their elevation to the status of a 'Fellow' of the Institute. Persons accorded approval by the Council, shall be entitled to the use of the title - FCA.

Please contact: or 01-454-2097 for further enquiry.
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