Comparing New ICAN Syllabus 2019 With Old Syllabus 2014

Comparing ICAN New Syllabus 2019 With Old Syllabus 2014

The professional examination of The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria (ICAN) comprises fifteen subjects with ethics embedded in each subject. 

The new syllabus, which takes effect from November 2019 examination, has been designed to ensure that on completion, the newly qualified ICAN - ACA would have developed the necessary technical knowledge and skills with the ability to discuss, analyse and evaluate a variety of complex business cases in often unpredictable business environment exercising professional judgement to present and communicate better solutions.

ICAN usually review their syllabus every four years in order to keep up with the current trend in the accounting profession across the world. The institute used the 2014 syllabus in the May diet of 2019 exams which will be the end of the 2014 syllabus, and has decided to adopt the new syllabus. The new syllabus has a total of 15 subjects unlike the 2014 which has 16 subjects.

The new ICAN syllabus will be first used in the November diet of the 2019 professional examinations. So I am going to compare the different papers in 2014 and that of 2019.

You can download the ICAN new Syllabus Here

From my observations, i noticed that taxation (B3) has been moved from skill level down to foundation level, while Quantitative Techniques in Business (A1) has been added to Business and Finance (A2) to make it Business, Management & Finance (A2). The number of paper in foundation level remains the same for both 2014 and 2019 even though one paper was added to it because a paper was merged with another. Management, Governance & Ethics (B6) has been changed to Corporate Strategic Management & Ethics (B3). Skill level now has five papers in the new syllabus unlike six in the old syllabus (2014). The professional level papers remain unchanged as all five papers in the 2014 syllabus (Corporate Reporting C1, Advanced Audit and Assurance C2, Strategic Financial Management C3, Advanced Taxation C4, Case Study C5) appeared in the 2019 syllabus.

Any Skills level candidate taking Taxation (now at the Foundation level) will be allowed to combine this subject with other subjects at the Skills level.

Comparing ICAN New Syllabus 2019 With Old Syllabus 2014
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  • Mandateinfinito
    Mandateinfinito August 12, 2019 at 10:33 AM

    Does it mean the contents of each subject still remain the same?

    • Onyema Donald
      Onyema Donald August 12, 2019 at 1:12 PM

      No. Some topics were added the papers. Download the syllabus, then you will see the updated topics

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