How much does it cost to study ACCA online?

How much does it cost to study ACCA online?

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a certificate course, which is ideal for those candidates who wish to pursue a career in chartered accountancy, banking, consulting or in financial services. This course equips students with the ability to employ accounting statements and financial information to aid in decision-making. An ACCA course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of theory and practices involved in:
  • Financial accounting;
  • Risk management;
  • Working capital management;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Business valuation.

Through this certificate course, students can gain knowledge and a strong foundation in accounting and finance, which are all of primary concern to professionals. A typical ACCA syllabus consists of the following topics:
Accountant in Business;
  • Management Accounting;
  • Financial Accounting;
  • Corporate and Business Law;
  • Performance Management;
  • Taxation;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Audit and Assurance;
  • Financial Management;
  • Governance, Risk, and Ethics;
  • Corporate Reporting;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Advanced Financial Management;
  • Advanced Performance Management;
  • Advanced Taxation;
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance.
Candidates who have interest in Chartered Accounts and its related areas or possess a mathematical aptitude, diplomacy, a clear analytical and logical mind and knowledge of banking system are suitable for this course. Having communication skills, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, ability to use computers and related technology and capacity to motivate team members can be an added advantage. Students who are preparing for ACCA and wish to obtain a good score, are also expected to possess the ability to solve accountancy issues.

Cost of studying ACCA online
An ACCA preparatory course will help you begin your studies from papers AB(F1), MA(F2) and FA(F3), hands-on training skills on LW(F4), PM(F5), TX(F6), FR(F7), AA(F8) and FM(F9) papers, as well as additional papers SBL (P1&P3), SBR(P2), AFM(P4), APM(P5), ATX(P6) and AAA(P7). The duration of each paper is 6 months, with the exams starting in the months of March, June, September and December.

It offers students in-depth knowledge of the entire syllabus through HD studio-recorded tuition, revision videos and personalised tutor support. The cost of studying ACCA online depends on the study option that best suits you and its requirements:
  • ACCA Live Tuition (tuition fees for this course starts at a price of £350);
  • ACCA Tuition (tuition fees for this course starts at a price of £250);
  • ACCA Live Revision (tuition fees for this course starts at a price of £380);
  • ACCA Live Tuition + Live Revision (tuition fees for this course starts at a price of £695).

This programme combines expert live tuition with specialist live revision sessions that provides students round the clock access to comprehensive study materials. It is considered one of the best ways to prepare for your ACCA exam, as it will give you the opportunity to make an all-round preparation for your exams. If you wish to pursue a professional accountancy qualification or an academic study in related areas after graduation, then opting for an ACCA preparatory course online can help you.
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