A Review Of CITN New Professional Examination Syllabus

This is to inform all existing and intending students that the professional examination syllabus of the Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria (CITN) will be changed with effect from April 2020 exam diet. You can download the CITN new syllabus HERE. The details of the new syllabus are as stated below:

Entry for the Institute's Examinations is open to all registered student members of the Institute. A registered student member is however expected to have paid the regular annual subscription and entry fees in force at the date of entry.

The new credit system states that candidates can sit for any number of paper up to four at a particular level. However, a candidate must finish a level before proceeding to another. That candidate must pass minimum of one (I) paper out of the four papers. Candidate will be credited with the paper(s) previously passed. There will be opportunity to re-write the remaining papers at subsequent examinations subject to limited period.

Candidate writing the Professional Examinations would have a maximum of eight (8) years to pass all levels of the examination within which candidate will be credited with earlier passed papers, but scan afresh if unable to satisfy this condition within the specified period.

Any candidate who passes one paper out of all the papers written would be credited with that paper subject to the provision that the candidate must apply to sit for all papers he/she would have been eligible to write in the diet completion of examination, candidate must have fulfilled a total credit requirement of 36units.

The new Professional exam syllabus and their exemptions are explained in the images below:

A Review Of CITN New Professional Examination Syllabus

A Review Of CITN New Professional Examination Syllabus
A Review Of CITN New Professional Examination Syllabus

Since a credit system will be in operation when the new syllabus takes off. candidates who are unable to complete the examinations before the takeoff date would only be credited with the relevant subjects/courses already passed in the old syllabus.

Candidates that failed any subject in the old syllabus will be required to write the stated subjects in the new syllabus as itemized below:

A Review Of CITN New Professional Examination Syllabus

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For detailed information on examination structure/student assessment/exemptions and fees, please visit www.citn.org  or call Funke on +2348080531805 & Christy on +2348160134274