10 Ways to Find a Company's Business Email Address

10 Ways to Find a Company's Business Email Address
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There are plenty of reasons you may need to find business email addresses at some point. Maybe you’re looking for a qualified lead’s contact info for your B2B business. Perhaps you’re consciously building your email subscriber list with carefully curated businesses.

However, this may not always seem easy. Perhaps the specific email address you’re looking for (such as an address for a smaller division or employee of a business) isn’t listed in a company’s directory. Or, maybe you want to contact a new or small business that hasn’t yet listed its contact information in a place where it would be easy to find.

How To Find A Company's Email Address

Luckily, you can use a range of strategies to find a company email address for free. The following are just a few ideas to consider:

1. Use a Company Email Address Finder Service

Before attempting any of the other strategies listed here, it’s worth your time to see if an online company email address finder can provide the information you are looking for. Services such as ZoomInfo or RocketReach may be able to help. Users simply provide basic info about the businesses they are researching and search their directories to see if the relevant addresses are listed. When it comes to how to find company email addresses, this can be one of the simplest methods, assuming the results are valid.

2. Guess the Company’s Email Format

Company email addresses are of course designed to appear professional. Thus, it’s often easy to find companies’ email addresses by guessing what the format may be.

For instance, if you want general contact information for a business, you might try “[contact]@[business name.com]”. You can also use this method to guess the addresses of individuals or departments at a business, testing formats such as “[first name].[last name]@[business name.com] or “[department name]@[business name.com]”.

3. Use an Email Guesser or Email Format Finder

Just as there are tools that serve as directories when you need to find business email addresses, so too are there email guesser services. As you may have assumed, they ask users to insert basic information (such as the name of the business) in order to guess what the email format may be.

4. Search Twitter

It’s not uncommon for businesses to share email addresses via Twitter. However, sometimes they don’t want just anyone easily looking them up. Thus, they might use the word “at” instead of the “@” symbol, or “dot com” instead of the typical “.com” format. Search a business’ Twitter with these terms to see if anything shows up. Consider using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature to boost your odds of finding what you’re looking for.

5. Reach Out Directly Through Social Media

There will of course be instances when searching for an email address on Twitter doesn’t yield results. That said, you can always reach out to someone directly via social media. Explain why you are interested in learning their business email address, and they may be willing to provide it.

6. Search for Online Content

Businesses often market themselves online by posting relevant content on other platforms. For example, if you needed to find the contact info for a new app development agency, you might search the agency’s name on Google to see if any guest blogs or articles show up. The authors of these blogs will often share their contact info at the end.

7. Sign Up for a Newsletter

Does the business you’re researching have an email newsletter? If so, subscribe to it. The address used to send newsletter content may be the address you’re looking for.

8. Call

Don’t overlook some of the simplest methods when you need to find companies’ email addresses. Even if a company doesn’t provide addresses on its site, it may provide a phone number. It’s worth taking a few minutes to call the company up and request contact info.

9. Ask for an Introduction

Do you believe someone in your professional network may have the contact information you’re looking for? If so, ask them if they would offer it. While they’ll probably need to introduce you to the relevant address holder so they can confirm they trust you to use their contact info properly, they may be willing to do so if you explain your case.

10. Find New Email Addresses Using Old Format Info

There may be instances when you need to find new email addresses for a business you already have some contact info for. An example would be seeking the contact information for a new department at a business. In these situations, you can use the email format from other departments or employees at the company to guess the new address.


Keep in mind that email format verification is important if you’re adding B2B leads to your email list. You don’t want your emails to bounce because you used the wrong format. Luckily, if you use these tips, that’s unlikely to be a problem.
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