How To Find A Good Bookkeeper For Your Business In Houston, Texas

How To Find A Good Bookkeeper For Your Business

If you are a business owner in Houston and looking for a bookkeeper to help you maintain your company's financial records, i can confidently tell you that you will come across many candidates in the job market. 

However, you must choose the best among all applicants. So the big question is "how do you know the best candidate for a bookkeeping role?"

If you are a business owner without adequate knowledge on recruitment, this process might be very difficult and there are chances that you may end up hiring a candidate without the required experience or someone without any accounting knowledge.

I often advice big companies without HR department to outsource this recruitment process, but if your business is still at the growing stage and can't afford to outsource the recruitment process, then this article will help you find a good bookkeeper.

There are different methods which business owners can use to find a good bookkeeper. But they must first understand the roles of a bookkeeper before they can find a good one.

What Do Bookkeepers Do?

Bookkeepers perform different functions within an organization. Some of the tasks may include the following:
  1. Gathering source documents for transactions and categorizing them.
  2. Recording transactions in its accounting system.
  3. Reconciling bank statements with ledgers and cashbook.
  4. Preparing financial statements.
  5. Tracking bills and invoices.
These tasks stated above are the main tasks that bookkeepers do. They make up a large part of the bookkeeping system. Hence, businesses need to find a good bookkeeper who can carry out these tasks effectively, accurately and efficiently.

How To Find A Good Bookkeeper In Houston, Texas

Finding a good bookkeeper in Houston will definitely be a difficult task if a business does not know what to look for in a candidate. But once you know what you are looking for, then it becomes an easy task.

In this article, we listed some of the requirements that businesses can look out for when finding a good bookkeeper to fill a bookkeeping position. The following are what to look for when hiring a bookkeeper:

1. Registration and Qualifications

The first and most important thing that businesses need to know about bookkeepers is their registration and qualification. Registration and qualification is the main thing that you must look for when hiring a bookkeeper.

Registration means being registered with a professional body. In some countries, the law made it mandatory for bookkeepers to be registered with the professional body regulating accounting before they can be qualified to offer their services.

In the same vein, the qualification of bookkeepers is also very crucial. They ought to be qualified to handle all the responsibilities associated with their profession. Hence, business owners need to look out for these.

2. Good Rates

A good bookkeeper in Houston should be able to offer benefits to their employers through the quality of their work. Nevertheless, they should not cost the firm more than their worth. Therefore, the services of a good bookkeeper should be available for all types of businesses.

Almost all experienced bookkeepers come at a very high rate while fresh bookkeepers with less than two years experience will definitely have lower rates.

It is now left for a business to decide how much it can afford to pay them comfortably. Ultimately, when finding a good bookkeeper, a business must balance between cost and benefits.

3. Continuous Development

Like most professions, there are constant changes in bookkeeping trends too. These changes may be specific to industries that bookkeepers work in or may apply to all businesses.

However, bookkeepers need to stay updated on the latest changes in the field so they can be efficient while discharging their duties.

Businesses looking for bookkeepers must look for candidates that are not only updated on the latest changes and trends in the profession but also intend to continue their professional development. At the end of the day, the business can face penalties if a bookkeeper is not updated on the latest changes.

4. Familiarity with Industry

It is possible for bookkeepers in Houston to work for all types of business, but there is no guarantee that they will be effective in all of them. Bookkeepers need to know the requirements of bookkeeping for specific industries i.e they should specialize in a particular industry instead of being jack of all trades and master of none.

They are also required to be familiar with the specific rules and regulations of the industries they work in.

Therefore, companies looking for good bookkeepers should make sure that the candidate they choose must be familiar with the requirements of their industry.

5. Communication with Clients

For bookkeepers, processing a companies transactions and recording them is merely one aspect of their job description. They also need to communicate often with the company they work with.

They need to be more effective in their communication to not only get their message through to the company but also do it in a clear, timely and concise manner.

The type of communication medium they use may also be important. For instance, some businesses will prefer written communications via email while some may like to have a one-on-one conversations with them. Hence, businesses must choose bookkeepers that fulfil their communication requirements.

6. Delivery and Response Times

Sometimes bookkeepers may be working with more than one client at a time. This means that they will have to manage their time between two or more clients. Therefore, the delivery and response times of bookkeepers is an important factor to consider when looking to hire one.

A good bookkeeper in Houston will give each client enough time and resolve every problems within the time frame. On the other hand, sometimes they will only handle a single client or work only for them. In these cases, bookkeepers also need to have time management skill to meet deadline requirements of the business.

Conclusion: How To Find A Good Bookkeeper For Your Business In Houston

The article covers how to hire a bookkeeper for your small business in Houston. A company can shortlist many candidates for bookkeeping position.

However, it is not an assurance that they will all be good at the job. To find a good bookkeeper, the company must first understand what they do and check if they fulfil majority of the requirements.

Similarly, they must also be costly for the business. The company can also prioritize their continuous development. Bookkeepers should also be familiar with standards and rules governing specific industry.

Lastly, the business must also consider their communication channels and response times.
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