Free Online Accounting Courses With Certificates

Free Online Accounting Courses with Certificates

Accounting and bookkeeping is one of the foundations of every business. Some big companies hire accountants to handle their books, while others outsource them to accounting firms. For small business owners, hiring an accountant or outsourcing to an accountancy firm might seem very expensive, so they choose to do it themselves.

Outsourcing your accounting to an accountancy firm has some important benefits, which includes giving you the time to focus on productivity and increase revenue.

As a small business owner who can't afford to hire an accountant, you don't have to enroll in the university to get an accountancy degree to be able to handle your books. To increase your skills and knowledge, there are several online accounting courses that you can enroll for from the comfort of your home  with just your computer and the internet.

These courses are also useful to recent accountancy graduates who want to improve their skills and add some certificate to their CV. Most of these courses are free, while you only have to pay for certifications in some of them. You can also read our article on 6 Free Online Bookkeeping Courses with Certificates

There are a growing number of options for free or cheap online courses. Continue reading to learn about a few options for online accounting courses as well as any potential charges, if any.

Online Courses On Accounting

The following institutions provide free online accounting courses. Some components of these courses are; text-based lessons, video lectures, and examinations.

1. edX

This Harvard and MIT-created online learning platform offers a variety of accounting courses, including management accounting, financial accounting, and introductory accounting. The introductory accounting course was free as of 2015, but there is a cost if you want a certificate. The majority of the other accounting courses on edX are not free.

2. Alison

There are free courses available on the Alison platform. However, you must pay to receive your certificate. You must fulfill minimum performance standards throughout the course to receive a certificate. Some of the accounting courses on the platform include accounting fundamentals, accounting theory, balance sheet, etc.

3. offers unlimited access to accounting courses ranging from beginner to advanced accounting for a cheap monthly subscription fee. All courses are self-paced and taught by subject matter experts with prior teaching experience. The best part is that you can contact the teachers at any time with questions, and you can take quick tests after each course to ensure you've learned the most important principles.

4. Saylor

As of 2015, this online school offered three accounting courses: Financial accounting fundamentals, managerial accounting, and accounting concepts. Saylor offers free online accounting courses with a certificate of completion if your ultimate score is at least 70%.

5. Coursera

Coursera has some online courses on accounting from universities across the country, but you'll have to pay for a certificate of completion. Some of the course topics on Coursera include forensic accounting, introductory financial accounting, and other topics. On this site, courses are sometimes connected together to form a series.

The University of Illinois, for example, offers a $79 series called Improving Business Finances and Operations Specialization, which includes six courses and a capstone project. Coursera provides financial assistance to people who are unable to pay their fees.


The platforms stated above provide you with opportunities to take online accounting courses for free. So what are you waiting for? Go to their website and apply for your preferred course. This certificate might just be the opportunity you need to secure employment with an international company.
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