The Benefits of Short-Term Housing for Business Travelers

The Benefits of Short-Term Housing for Business Travelers

With business travel picking up again after being virtually halted during the pandemic, it’s time to think about how to market your vacation rental property to business travelers. Corporate housing is an excellent option for this group of guests.

Unlike hotels, these rentals are often more like apartments. They feel more homey and usually include kitchens, laundry facilities, multiple rooms, etc.

Authentic Residential Experience

Owning short-term rental properties has become a popular form of income for property owners. These homes are usually fully furnished and can be rented for several days to months.

For business travelers, temporary housing offers a more authentic residential experience than hotels. Furnished apartments are set up to be lived in rather than slept in, providing home comforts. Unlike hotels, they are more likely to have full kitchens and multiple rooms.

Consider offering daily housekeeping services to make corporate housing even more attractive for business travelers. It will help them save time and effort while on the road. Additionally, you could offer your guests discounts on local products and services like grocery delivery or car service to entice them to stay at your short-term rental.

More Affordable Than Hotels

Hotel stays can get expensive for business travelers who often travel for weeks or months at a time. Fortunately, there are alternatives to hotels that are more affordable and still provide a comfortable place to rest after a long day of work.

Known as corporate housing or furnished apartments, short-term rentals are cheaper than hotels and have the added benefit of a kitchen. It allows business travelers to save on meal costs by cooking meals in the apartment instead of eating out at restaurants.

Additionally, temporary housing providers offer fringe benefits such as discounted local products and services, which can help business travelers save even more money on their expenses. In addition, these benefits can contribute to a more enjoyable travel experience.

More Convenient Than Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms typically offer one room, one or two beds for sleeping, and a bathroom. In contrast, short term housing often feels like an apartment and can include kitchens, living spaces, multiple bedrooms, and other amenities.

Travelers may appreciate the flexibility and comfort of having their own space during business trips. They can cook meals, watch their favorite shows, and relax in a setting that feels more like home.

Additionally, furnished apartments are generally larger than hotel rooms. It makes them a better option for business travelers who need more space, especially in a costlier city. Some temporary housing providers also provide fringe benefits such as discounts on local products and services, which can help reduce expenses for the company. It can change how much the trip will cost by a lot.

More Privacy Than Hotel Rooms

Business travelers seek a more personalized experience than the one hotels offer. They want a place that feels like home, and a short-term rental provides just that.

In most cases, a fully furnished apartment will feel much more homey than a hotel, especially since they often come with all the essentials and some luxuries. Business guests staying in a short-term rental will have access to a kitchen with everything they need to cook, machines to do laundry, a TV with cable or satellite, and the Internet.

Another reason apartments are so popular among business travelers is that they offer more privacy than hotels. Hotels have specific check-in and checkout times, and guests may run into other travelers throughout their stay.

Better Networking Opportunities

Whether they’re campaign organizers, fiber-optic installers, insurance adjusters, or doctors, members of the mobile workforce are often looking for extended-stay rental properties that offer a more homely environment than sterile hotels. Furnished rentals are an excellent option because they typically provide more space and privacy than hotel rooms and a kitchen where they can save money on eating out or paying for high-cost local calls.

Workers on business travel contracts often extend their stays to enjoy leisure, meaning they travel for work and pleasure. Short-term rentals offer this experience by giving them the feeling of living in a regular apartment instead of a hotel room. It makes it feel more like a true home away from home for them and their families.

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