10 Best Countries to Study Accounting Abroad

10 Best Countries to Study Accounting Abroad
10 Best Countries to Study Accounting Abroad

Accounting is one of the best courses to study in the University or college. The demand for accountants in our everyday business has made it a profitable and dream career for almost everyone.

Accountants are needed in all businesses, irrespective of the size because of the roles they play in helping businesses make decisions that can impact greatly on their finances and existence in general.

If you are thinking about studying accounting away from home, and you don't have any country in mind, we have created a list of the best countries to study accounting abroad.

Best Countries to Study Accounting Abroad

Check out the list of the best countries where you can study accounting abroad. The goal is to give you more options to choose from. This list is in no particular order. All the countries here are good for studying accounting.

1. Malaysia

Why is Malaysia a good destination to study accounting? Malaysia is a mix of diversity, finance, and business at a hub with plenty of job opportunities.

Malaysia has been transformed into a global destination for manufacturing and service-based businesses. Furthermore, it is one of the best countries for chartered accountants to work.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, isn't just a capital – it's the heart of finance, real estate, business, and a hub for arts and media too. Accountants are about to be in hot demand for the next five years, say CFOs, partners, and senior accountants. Looks like studying accounting in Malaysia is a smart move. 

If you are interested in studying accounting in Malaysia, there are several Universities to consider, such as Heriot-Watt Malaysia Campus, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Taylor’s University, Monash University, and Asia Pacific University.

2. New Zealand

So why is New Zealand a top choice for studying accounting for international students? New Zealand's got it all – high job demand, a top-notch education system, fantastic quality of life, and plenty of work opportunities.

With New Zealand's booming commercial investments and international commerce, the need for accounting expertise is on the rise. Because there's a shortage of qualified accountants, many companies in the country are actively hiring from abroad. So if you can travel to New Zealand to study accounting, then I think that you will find several opportunities awaiting you.

If you are thinking about how to pay some bills while studying, worry no more because you can work while studying in New Zealand.

If you're thinking about studying accounting in New Zealand, check out University of Canterbury, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, University of Otago, and the University of Auckland—they're solid options.

3. Canada

Canada is one of the best Universities in the world to study accounting because of their top institutions and students can work while studying.

Canada's calling out to all you international students who are on the hunt for a stellar accounting education and bright career opportunities. The universities here have top-notch programs that are known worldwide and often rank high on those international lists.

On top of that, Canada has a multicultural environment, so irrespective of your race and where you are coming from, you will always be welcomed. 

One of the most significant advantages is the pathway to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada. The CPA certification is globally recognized.

To get started with studying accounting in Canada, consider renowned universities like the University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management), McGill University (Desautels Faculty of Management), University of Waterloo (School of Accounting and Finance), University of Alberta (School of Business), and Simon Fraser University (Beedie School of Business).

4. Ireland

The top reasons why Ireland is one of the best countries to study accounting include the fact that their graduates are highly employable, there is flexibility of studying and working, and good work placement.

Ireland has many universities that provide opportunities for recent accounting graduates to kickstart their careers as trainee accountants or tax experts in prominent firms like the Big 4.

Students pursuing accounting degrees often have the option to complete a year of valuable work experience.

Employers really appreciate work placements because they give students hands-on experience, help them develop practical accounting skills, and allow them to make some key industry connections.

One good thing that work placements do for undergraduates is that it helps them build confidence on their professional and personal abilities which will help them secure employment after graduating from the University.

If you're eyeing accounting studies in Ireland, consider checking out top places like National University of Ireland Galway, Dublin City University, Dublin, University College Cork, and Maynooth University.

5. South Africa

South Africa is a good destination for studying accounting abroad because it has seasoned accounting organization and the demand for accountants is high with attractive salary.

If you have Africa in mind, then I will advise you to consider South Africa. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) is a reputable accounting organization that is well-known around the world.

As if that's not enough, South Africa has a huge banking industry which has caught global attention. Hence, they need experienced chartered accountants to help them solve their accounting problems.

If you're interested in studying accounting in South Africa, check out institutions like the University of Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch University, University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg, and North-West University – they offer solid options to study and build a career in accountancy.

6. Singapore

This is why Singapore is a top choice for studying accounting; the finance sector's high job demand, accessible entry requirements, and above all, collaborations with private companies make it an attractive country to consider.

In the country's quest to become Asia-Pacific region’s premier accountancy center, Singapore is yet another country where you can study accounting and excel in the profession.

Singapore's open-door policy makes it super easy for people from abroad to come in, and the city-state is known as one of the best places to study.

The large number of English-speaking nationals in the country and its economic ties with Western countries make starting a career in Singapore a great option.

If you're considering studying accounting in Singapore, check out institutions like the National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Management University, and James Cook University—they offer some great options.

7. The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Here is why UAE is one of the best countries to study accounting abroad; the country has an excellent standard of living, job opportunities, and accounting standards.

Over the years, international students have been trooping into the UAE because of its friendly business environment, high quality of living, favourable weather, affordable living cost and welcoming citizens.

Dubai is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Even if you decide to stay back after your studies, you will still enjoy the city because of tax-free salary for workers.

Accountants from around the world have been coming to country in recent times due to their diverse population and the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

If you're considering studying accounting in the UAE, check out institutions like Murdoch University International Study Center, University of Dubai, Hult International Business School, and Emirates Institute for Banking.

8. Romania

Students love Romania for it's high demand for skilled labor, low living cost and conducive learning environment for international students.

Since Romania joined the EU, its economy has experienced impressive growth over the years. This economic growth was triggered by the involvement of accountants in the system.

The cost of living in Romania is quite reasonable to some extent. Moreover, the capital of Romania, Bucharest, is a vibrant place and it is filled with nightlight and eateries.

If you're considering studying accounting in Romania, check out recommended universities like the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, University of Bucharest, Babes-Bolyai University, and the West University of Timisoara.

9. United States of America

So why is the USA a good country to study accounting? The U.S. is really good at accounting, and it's got some of the best universities for studying it.

If you're an international student up for a challenge and want a rewarding academic journey, studying accounting in the U.S. could be a fantastic choice.

To be admitted to an accounting program in the United States, you will need to have a strong foundation in mathematics, economics, and business.

The cost of attending university in the United States can vary based on factors such as the institution, the state of residence, and whether one qualifies as an in-state or out-of-state student.

However, the overall cost of attending a university in the United States is higher compared to many other nations, including all the countries we listed here.

Aspiring accountants should consider the University of Texas-Austin (McCombs School of Business), Brigham Young University (Marriott School of Management),  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Fisher School of Business), the University of Notre Dame (Mendoza College of Business), and the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School).

10. United kingdom

The United Kingdom is a good destination for international students who want to study accounting abroad because of the high quality of education and the environment for accountants to excel.

You know, the UK has this awesome tradition of accounting excellence that goes way back, and its universities host some of the coolest accounting programs you can find anywhere in the world.

Usually, accounting programs in the UK span about three to four years for a bachelor's degree and just a year for a master's degree.

In the UK, you've got a whole bunch of universities offering accounting programs, ranging from cozy little specialist schools to big research-heavy ones.

Just like in the United States, studying in the UK is expensive for international students from countries with weak exchange rates because it will cost you a lot of money to migrate into the country and pay for your tuition fee, unless you are on a fully-funded scholarship.

If you have made up your mind to study accounting in the UK or are still thinking about it, here are five institutions to consider: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Bath, University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh, and University of Manchester.

Pros and Cons of Studying Accounting Abroad

Pros of studying accounting abroad

  • Understand global perspective of accounting: Gain a broader understanding of international accounting practices and enhance your global perspective.
  • You will get exposed to new culture: Immerse yourself in a different culture which can help you to foster personal growth and adaptability.
  • Opportunity to network with other foreign professionals and students: Build an international network of contacts that can be beneficial for future career opportunities.
  • Learn foreign language: Improve language proficiency, a valuable skill in the global business environment.
  • Diverse learning environment: Experience different teaching methods and perspectives which might be quite different from the one you are used to in your country and enrich your educational experience.

Cons of studying accounting abroad:

  • High costs of travel: Studying abroad can be expensive, including tuition, living expenses, and travel costs.
  • Adjusting to new culture: Adapting to a new culture may pose challenges to you. This new change in culture may affect your overall well-being and focus on studies.
  • Recognition of qualifications: Some countries may not fully recognize foreign qualifications, potentially impacting job opportunities.
  • Homesickness from staying away from home: Being away from family and familiar surroundings can lead to homesickness and emotional stress.
  • Legal and visa challenges: Dealing with visa regulations and potential legal issues in a foreign country can be complex and time-consuming.

Conclusion: Best Countries to Study Accounting Abroad

Now you have known you 10 best countries to study accounting abroad, you shouldn't waste more time. Dust your travel documents or apply for new ones if you don't have.

You can make personal investigations about these countries and find out the minimum requirements to study accounting there. Since you will be moving to a new country, I will advise you to be fully prepared for the journey ahead. Good luck!!
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