ANAN school fees 2018-2019

Below is the current fees for Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) as published on the official website.

The ANAN induction fee is now N214,000. Membership registration is N48,000. See the complete ANAN fees below.
  • The development levy is N20,000
  • The AIT registration costs N15,000
  • The M.C.P.D. income is N35,000
  • The NCA, development levy cost N10,000
  • The induction fee is N214,000
  • The membership registration requires from students N48,000 as it has also been mentioned already
  • Fellowship conferment is N75,000
  • The cost of practicing stamps, etc. is N10
  • The annual conference cost N45,000
  • The annual subscription is N15,000
  • Practitioners forum fees cost N25,000
  • Life insurance will is N3,000
  • The license renewal practice is N65,000 
  • Practicing forms and insurance policies are free.
  • Promotion materials is N2,000 for a student
  • The AIT exemption is N50,000
  • IFAC cost about N5,000
  • Publication sales cost N7,500
  • E-MCPD’s cost N5,000
  • Workshops for students cost N40,000
  • AIT workshops cost N15,000
  • IPSAS and IFRS cost is N41,000
  • Examination exemption payment is N390,000
  • Membership orientation is N83,000
  • Lastly, the branch registration payment is N2,500
You can also visit the official website of the imstitinsti and see the online options and Pay for any of the above listed fees