How To Love Accounting

How To Love Accounting

Accounting can be described as the systematic process of recording, interpreting, analysing, communicating financial information for decision making.

There are various niche in Accounting, some of them include: Financial Accounting, management Accounting, Auditing, cost Accounting, public sector Accounting, etc. In other to love Accounting, you must first find which specific niche of accounting you might like.

I thought I hated accounting when I was working at a CPA firm. In fact I did hate accounting and it was frustrating, but when I became a state auditor, auditing state and local governments, I loved it. I have since tried local government accounting analyst (i hated it), Defense Department Defense Contractor auditing (pretty much don't like it), underground economy tax auditing (i loved it).

There are so many areas, dozens and dozens of types of accounting. Don't force yourself to "like" whatever accounting you are doing or like a specific Accounting because someone else is doing it and making alot of money. Try other accounting things. I was surprised at the variety, it is there, and just find what you like. Don't be afraid to jump around and try different things.

Learn to accept the heartaches, pain, disappointments, and hardships from accounting.
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