How To Register As A CITN Professional Student Member

How To Register As A CITN Professional Student Member

This is the right blog to get every details on how to register as a CITN Professional Student. I will tell us the:
  • Registration procedure
  • Conditions to be satisfied
  • Eligibility to register as a student member
Application for admission to student membership must be made on the prescribed form. This will require an undertaking on the part of the applicant to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the council from time to time. Every applicant shall produce satisfactory evidence of age, either birth certificate or affidavit with photocopies of his/her educational certificates.

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The Council reserves the right to grant or refuse any application or to terminate the registration of a candidate. A successful applicant shall be required to pay the prescribed annual subscription fee for the year; upon which he shall be allocated a student number. This number must be quoted in full in all communications with the Institute.

Every prospective candidate for admission to student membership must satisfy the Council that;
  • He is not below the age of 18
  • He possesses the basic minimum educational qualification as set by Council.
  • He is a fit and proper person to be registered.
Any student who fails to comply with the above rules and regulations may be liable for such penalties as the Institute may decide.

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An applicant shall be eligible to register as a student if he/she possesses a minimum of first degree, Higher National Diploma or its equivalent. Such person would obtain the Institute's Student Membership form and syllabus with the sum of N2,500:00. On submission, an applicant is to pay N3, 000.00 processing fee and N2,000.00 Building fund (once and for all)

Photocopies of the applicant's certificates together with all other relevant documents, duly certified by financial members of the Institute, should accompany the completed application forms on submission. The applicant will be contacted after the form is duly processed.

If you have satisfied all the above requirements, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
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