ICAN ATSWA Examination Study Pack on Business Law

ICAN ATSWA Examination Study Pack on Business Law

AIMS: To examine candidates’ knowledge and understanding of
• the legal environment in which organisations in general and the accountancy profession in particular operate;
• the legal implications of business relationships and the relevance of legal rules to business sector, commerce and industry.

On completion of this paper, candidates should:
a. know the structure, jurisdiction and functions of the legal systems and the rules applicable to them;

b. have a working knowledge of the general principles of contract to aid their daily accounting activities;

c. be familiar with the legal rules governing specific contracts;

d. be able to distinguish between the various forms of business associations and be conversant with the main rules governing their operations;

e. be able to identify and appreciate the respective duties of bankers and customers and recognise the nature of negotiable instruments as may be suitable for use as appropriate in their daily activities as Accounting Technicians;

f. be able to apply the principles of law to simple case studies.

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