JAMB Recommended Books For Accounting 2019/2020

JAMB Recommended Books On Principle Of Accounts For UTME Exam 2019/2020

The following are the recommended books on Principle Of Accounts For JAMBITES. The books are sold in all bookshops across Nigeria.

1. Adeifa O. Ajileye, J. O and Oluwasanna, R. O (2001). Get your Financial Accounting Right. Book One: Oyo, Tenlad Press International.

2. Ajileye, J. O. and Adetifa O. (2001). Get your Financial Accounting Right, Book Two: Lagos: De Hadey Printing Services

3. Akinduko, A. O (2001). Basic Accounting: Akure: Spetins

4. Anao, A. R (1993). An Introduction to Financial Accounting, Lagos: Longman

5. Awoyemi, E. O. (1989). A guide to Government Accounting and Internal Audit, Ibadan: Onibonje Press

6. Dodge, R. (2002). Foundation of Business Accounting, (Second Edition), Bershire: Chapman and Hall

7. Ekwere, A. B. (1997). Contemporary Accounting, Abuja: Aflon Finance (Control and Management) Act 1959

8. Frank, W. and Omuya, J. O. (1988). Book keeping and Accounting for Senior Secondary Schools, Vols. 1 & 2 London: Pitman

9. Hassan M. M. (2001). Government Accounting, Lagos: Malthouse Press Limited

10. Igben, R. O. (2004). Financial Accounting Made Simple (Vol. I) Lagos: Roi Publishers

11. Longe, O. A. and Kazeem, R. A (2006). Essential Financial Accounting for Senior Secondary Schools: Lagos: Tonad Publishers Limited

12. Millichamp, A. H. (1989). Foundation Accounting: An Introduction manual for Accounting Students, London: DP Publications

13. Okwoli, A. A. (1995). Financial Accounting, Zaria: Tamaza Publishers

14. Oshisami, K. (1997). Government Accounting and Financial Control: Ibadan: Spectrum
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