5 Steps To Meet Up With ICAN Exams Preparation

Steps On How To Meet Up With ICAN Exams Preparation

So much to read and very little time left... 

How do I catch up now with just less than six weeks to go? How do I cover this extensive syllabus in a short time? These are the types of questions that will be running through your mind

You may be behind on your ICAN exam preparations due to procrastination, the uncertainty of whether to write that particular exam diet or postpone your exams to the next or something beyond your control!

We bring you some researched tips to aid in completing your preparations on time for ICAN exams. These tips worked for so many people, so why won't they work for you? The following tips will help you prepare for ICAN examinations;


It is natural to begin panicking when you realize you have lost track of your exam preparations. Stop and take a moment to calm down when you feel your heart sinking and the frustration rising and even telling on you.

You don't have to panic because it will only make you feel worse and discourage you from focusing on your studies. Keeping your cool is now more crucial than ever in order not to increase your blood pressure which could cause severe health problems. Don't compare yourself to other students you think are far ahead of you in preparation because this could also cause you to panic. Avoid anything that will make you panic.


Read through the contents of your exam syllabus and create a note of the topics you are not comfortable with. You might have the urge to avoid these topics to read them last but begin with the subject you feel comfortable with, then move to the difficult ones.

Don't forget that your feelings will not set the exam questions. They might seem scary now, but you will begin to understand them when you start reading and breaking down the topics. This process will even help you gain more confidence.


Past questions or pathfinders are tools for revision and checking if you have understood the subject.

Studying the exam past questions and solving them will help you become familiar with questions and have a picture of them in your mind while in exams hall. You can also go through past exam papers to get questions on topics you don’t fully understand. Practice these questions instead of the whole paper for some intensified, specific and targeted revision.


Attending physical lectures won't make much sense because your time is limited. What you need now to help you study is Comprehensive Video Lectures, but you can still attend physical lectures if possible. However, video lectures will be perfect because you can rewind the clips to the top you want, but you can't do the same in physical lectures.


If you come across something that you completely do not understand while studying, please ask for help. It is better you ask for help and don't get an answer than not ask. Remember, you automatically miss every shot you didn't take.

I hope these few points highlighted in this article go a long way in helping you study for your ICAN exam. No time is too late to begin.
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