How To Request For Statement Of Account From Any Bank In Nigeria

How To Request For Statement Of Account From Any Bank In Nigeria

A bank statement can be defined as a summary of financial transactions which took place over a given period on a bank account held by a person or business with a financial institution”. It is the same as ‘account statement’ and ‘statement of account’ and can be used interchangeably.

Bank statements are sent to customers on a monthly bases by some banks. Although banks will give it to you on request. There are many reasons you could request for bank statements. Apart from informational purposes, bank statements are required if you are applying for visa. You will also need it when applying for loans.

When you ask for how to get your bank statement, the usual response is “visit your bank”. To achieve this, you will have to apply for bank statement in person. You will be asked to write a letter requesting for the statement, you will also state the duration you want. Bank charges ranging between N50-N100 per page of the statement may apply. The time of entire process is between 30 minutes to 1 hour for most banks.

In this post, I will be giving us info of other alternatives available and how it can be done at different banks in Nigeria. I was able to contact about 10 Nigerian banks via email. These are the replies I got.

The e-statement is sent to your registered bank email monthly, but you can request anytime and include all your necessary personal details through the bank’s customer care channels, the e-statement will be sent to you shortly. Send an e-mail to or call them on +234-800 326 2265, +234-700-500-0000

GT bank offers a quick service. When applying for bank statement, all you have to do is call GTconnect, make your request, and answer the follow-up authentication questions. Make sure you have enough recharge card on your phone because call charges do apply. For e-statement request, call 0700 482666328, 01 448 0000, 0803 900 3900 or 0802 900 2900

With Standard Chartered, you can view and download your 6-month bank statement via the online banking platform. The customer care went as far as providing me with the steps to get this done:
  • Click on your account number in Overview page
  • Show filters (top right of the page under Transaction History)
  • Select Period
  • Download CSV or PDF
I believe this will require one to sign up for internet banking first. Requests for periods more than 5 months can be sent to customer care emails (
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Sterling bank replied about an hour after I sent my enquiry. Sterling bank at the moment has suspended instructions through email due to security. This means that one cannot get bank statement via email. I was told I can sign up with their internet banking platform in order to view my bank statement. The sign up process is very easy and can be done in few minutes.

Through keystone bank, you can get account statement by email or internet banking. In the email reply from customer service, Keystone reiterated this. You can get bank statements by sending a duly signed instruction indicating the duration of the statement to Another way of getting account statement is via internet banking by checking transaction history.

They stated in their reply that i can request bank statement via email by sending a mail to customer care The duration of statement should be included in the email. Receiving email statement is free. You can also generate a ‘mini account statement’ through their internet banking service.

I was informed that a soft copy of my statement of account can be sent through my registered email at no cost. Just like other banks, account details and duration of statement should be included in the request.

Diamond bank were very elaborate in their response. According to them, PDF format account statements are usually sent to customers monthly. For security reasons, customers are required to enter their security pin to gain access to the statement.

Likewise, statements can be viewed/downloaded by logging into the Online banking service. I was provided with the following steps to achieve this;
  • Log in to your Diamond online banking with your user name and password
  • Go to account summary
  • Select the account number
  • Click on export Statement. (You may also select the other options quick statement or custom statement to view your statement) 
  • Fill in the required dates
  • Click ok to Generate statement.
  • Check the export format you prefer and then ok.
You can open to view or save as document
Omawumi: or 0700 300 00000

Francis: Firstly, i called a friend at UBA and he told me that I can get an account statement through Online Banking for only last 5 transactions. I was told my the customer care via email that i can view/download statement of account on U-direct (UBA Online Banking Service). Though the duration that can be downloaded was not specified.

Omawumi: It took me approximately four hours to get my June E-statement. All I did was send a mail to customer care. I got a response an hour later asking me what time period I needed the statement to cover, to which I responded appropriately. I then got a call from a customer care representative asking me a few random questions about my account, ten minutes later I got the E-statement in my mail.

Contact: . 01-2808-UBA, 01-280882201-6319822, or 0700-CALL-UBA.

After my email enquiry, i got an automated reply immediately. I got the main reply the next morning. Regardless, it was succinct and had all the information I needed. To get your bank statement via email, you have to call firstcontact phone lines (0700 FIRSTCONTACT (0700 34778 2668228), 01 448 5500, 07080625000. However, you must be able to receive email alert to be considered for this service. If you are not on email alert platform, go to the nearest branch of first Bank and apply, It is free.

Another alternative is to download it from First Bank’s Online banking service popularly called firstonline. To download from firstonline, you have to follow these steps;
  • Login to firstonline
  • Click on account view
  • Click on download

I called Zenith Bank Customer service and i was told that bank statements can be gotten by making a request through the email address you used when opening the account. It can also be accessed through Zenith’s Online Banking platform.

From the information i gathered from these banks, the account statement gotten online will not be stamped. Its purpose is for information only. Information like evidence of bank payment or non-payment, etc. In situations where a stamp is needed (like Visa applications), you have to visit the nearest branch of your bank. You won't have it posted to you via courier services.

If your bank is not listed above, you can follow this step to get your bank statement:

The process involved in requesting bank statement in Nigeria is almost the same, just walk in to any of your bank branch closer to you, then request for your bank statement. You can either get it directly through your bank or via your email address. It will be notified to you while filling out the form.

This is how to request for statement of account from any bank in Nigeria, you can also use the comment section incase of enquiry or contact your bank for help.
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