ICAN Students Can Now Prepare For Exams Online Via 321Study

ICAN Students Can Now Prepare For Exams Online Via 321Study

Students preparing to write the exam of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) can now do so from the comfort of their homes, instead of spending all day in study centres across Nigeria.

This is made possible through 321Study, Nigeria’s pioneer professional online study platform.

321Study is an online study platform that intensively prepares candidates for exams like ICAN and other professional examination.

At the study center, students are given the opportunity to choose the venue and time to study, using mobile phones or computers.

This means Instead of being in study Centres all through the weekend, students can now spend more time with their family and loved ones. Also, students can move at their pace but with a push from 321study support team.

For quality, the lectures are handled by the same A-list facilitators found in leading tutorial centres in Abuja and Lagos.

Students will also save money on both tuition and logistics. First, the cost of each course is far cheaper than what it takes to access same course in any physical lecture centre; secondly, using 321Study will make it possible for students to save money on the costs of movement to and from lecture venues.

The savings include transport costs, time spent commuting and time wasted when lectures don’t hold. The commuting time saved can be used for studying on the 321study platform. 

Perhaps the best benefit of using 321 Study has to be a curb on the toll which having to leave family and loved ones behind to spend all weekends in a lecture centre takes on candidates. 

321Study’s Head of Operations, Nnaemeka Odunukwe, ACA, while speaking on the take-off of the project, said the company had come to aid thousands of students prepare for – and pass – their professional exams with ease.

"We are here to make the journey much easier for those who desire to pass their professional exams. There won't be need to travel kilometers away to attend ICAN lectures, with the attendant costs and risks. We have brought ICAN tutors to the comfort of your homes. 321Study is the new school," Odunukwe said.

He stated that students would be able to do assignments, submit online and have the tutors mark it.

There’s also an online forum where registered members can bring up any issue they consider important and have other members of the community respond to them. The forum is a community of like minds with a 24-hour support for candidates. 

Odunukwe noted that the company would be running a 100 percent, money-back guarantee. 

"Don’t be afraid," "if you sign up with our platform and feel you don’t like us afterwards, your money will be fully returned to you. Just inform us you are no longer interested in our services and we give you back your money. We came fully ready." He said

Odunukwe advised students preparing for the next ICAN exams (November 2019 diet), to act smart by registering with 321Study so as to achieve their desired success.
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