Tax Software vs Tax Professional: The Comparison

Tax Software vs Tax Professional: The Comparison
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Whenever accounting job is discussed, the subject of whether the business owner should do it themselves, or outsource it to a professional arises. With the daily improvement of tax software, business owners prefer the software however it has not influenced a lot of the prerequisites of chartered accountants and accounting professionals.

There are several advantages, and disadvantages of both tax software and tax professionals. In this article, we will explain the relevant points regarding the two options which would reduce the pressure upon you when making decision.

Filing Your Taxes With Tax Software

There are some advantages and disadvantages of filing taxes with tax software. Firstly, we are going to highlight the advantages before moving to the disadvantages

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Advantages of Tax Software

1. Increased Time Savings

Using tax software for calculation and filing of tax returns helps businesses to save time, especially small business owners who performs all the duties alone. For small businesses, tax software is a great tool to increase their worker profitability as they don’t need to spend extra periods of time in double-checking their maths while calculating tax. Tax software performs meaningful tax duties like; calculating credits, deductions, etc.

2. Cost-effective

Professional tax software can be an amazing choice for businesses in the aspect of cost savings. You should know that recording expenses manually increases the chance of errors during tax calculation to a great extent. Furthermore, to prevent human mistakes while preparing tax returns, you need to hire a workforce for tax filing and give them extra pay, which increases your general costs. Hence, choosing a tax filing software can be a great way to restrict the general working expense of your business.

3. High Accuracy with Minimal errors

A taxpayer understands very well that a little error in tax calculations can be dangerous to their business and cost them enormously as far as a tax penalty, interest, and other charges. Calculating tax manually increases this mistake probability enormously. At the point when you perform manual filing of tax returns, it becomes your job to arrange and submit important tax information precisely all through multiple forms. You can commit a typing error while entering numbers or calculating for credits, deductions, etc. As a result of this, tax software is a great tool for carrying out functions like; performing important calculations of taxes, filing special forms, and even verifying your personal information automatically throughout different tax forms with little or no error.

4. Easy Record Keeping of Taxes

Record keeping is an great alternative for businesses with regards to storing important tax data. Tax software can make this work a lot easier for organizations.

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Disadvantages of Tax Software

1. Lacks human touch

When you hire an accounting professional, you can ask him/her further questions concerning future tax planning whereas Tax software cannot disclose such information or offer advice.

2. Audit protections cost more

With tax software, audit protection costs more. Audit protection is an add-on service rendered by some tax filing firms.

3. You will spend more time

Without some professional handling of tax software, you will have to spend more time with it which will waste the time that you are supposed to invest in other areas of your business.

4. Online help can be insufficient

You would obviously need some help on how to use the software and for that, you will need to get help online. The internet has plenty of information, but it can never be as effective as the experienced practical human knowledge.

5. Risk of error

The whole information can change or be lost due to software error, therefore there are some risks.

Tax Professionals For Your Taxes

Above, we highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of using tax software. Therefore, we are going to the advantages and disadvantages of tax professionals

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Advantages of Using a Tax Professional

  1. They can save your time
  2. They can manage difficult accounting tasks
  3. They can reduce costs
  4. They are tax experts
  5. They can offer useful small business advice

Disadvantages of Using a Tax Professional

  1. Tax Professional is not free
  2. Tax Professional is only Human
  3. You can easily lose touch
  4. No guarantee in not making mistakes
  5. More expensive than using software online

Why Should I Get a Tax Software?

  1. Affordable Pricing
  2. Efficient Speed
  3. Simplicity

Why Should I Hire a Tax Professional?

  1. To increase the business growth
  2. Handling complex business software can be tough
  3. Calculating tax in a logical manner

Key Questions to Ask when buying Tax Software:

  1. Whether you need Online Tax Software or Desktop Tax Software?
  2. What tax software version do you need?
  3. What about free Tax Software?
  4. How much Tax Software assistance do you need?
  5. Does Tax Software have a guarantee?
  6. Is the Software for the correct Tax Year?

Key Questions to Ask when looking for Tax Professional:

  1. What kinds of clients do you work with?
  2. What is your tax background?
  3. Are you available all through the year?
  4. What’s your experience with the IRS?
  5. How do you manage working with multiple companies?
  6. What tax program do you use?


Lastly, there is no all-around correct answer to the topic of hiring a tax professional or doing your taxes yourself with tax software. Your understanding IRS rules will be a part of your choice, however, the complicacy of your accounts should be the key factor. Those with a single manager and small investment may save many dollars by setting up their own taxes, while those with business income will discover the cost of recruiting an accountant or hiring a company that offers corporation tax services to be worth their peace of mind and potential tax savings.
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