5 Business Templates that Smooth the Path to Progress

5 Business Templates that Smooth the Path to Progress

Businesses run smoother when they have access to the essential documentation which makes the working day turn. Here are 5 vital business templates you should have on file to make your business flow towards progress.

You cannot get far in the business world without encountering bureaucracy. Whether it is in the form of onboarding documentation, ethics agreements, or detailed minutes, the working day revolves around the paperwork that powers it.

As the people creating and using the paperwork, there are certain situations where it helps to fall back to standard formats. Instances where we need templates include hiring, firing, and accounting.

This article includes details on 5 templates for business use which will make a huge change to production.

The 5 Templates for Business Success

Bureaucracy getting you down? Try these, instead.

1. Standardised Hiring Solutions

If you standardise the hiring process, you meet your equality targets. Issuing all your potential new employees with the same templates allows you to start everyone off on the same foot. This way, you can allocate employment based off merit, not presentation. If you want to headhunt the best people, you must accept that they can have the messiest brains. 

Using resume templates ensures each candidate starts fresh in your hiring process. These work well for entering questions you would like innovative answers for. Resumes allow you to see their skills, education, and knowledge briefly. A standardised format makes it far easier on your team.

2. Bookkeeping Documentation

Accounting is difficult enough without every page of your monthly books looking different. It is common industry practice across all sectors to standardise how you record your books. Everyone must do their taxes, so use standardised accounting templates to make it easy on yourself. A good example of standardised bookkeeping templates can be found via QuickBooks.

3. Employee Scheduling Template

If you run a small business like a café or restaurant, employee scheduling is a regular pain in your neck. Making up a rota every week takes time and energy away from other, more important tasks. If you use a set format to schedule your employees, this will speed the process up a little. You can also have your employees able to interact with the schedule template up until a certain day, when it becomes fixed. This could allow you to allocate days off where they need them.

4. Invoice Templates

You can get an invoice template that will allow you to make individual invoices for each client. These will all look the same, though the items they buy may differ. Invoice templates are extremely useful when doing your books. They keep everything neat. You can see what you have made in no more than a glance. Standardised invoices are the preferred method of government agencies. Hubspot have a nice invoice template.

5. The Letterhead

There are thousands upon thousands of SME owners out there who have wasted thousands of hours on creating a letterhead. Use a standard template from the outset and save yourself the pain.


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