Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston, Texas

Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston, Texas
Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston

Finding the best bookkeeper for your small business can be challenging, but we have compiled a list of the top-rated bookkeeping firms in Houston, Texas.

If you need the services of small business bookkeepers in Houston, TX, you should check our list. This list contains the best bookkeepers for small businesses near Houston. 

Furthermore, Houston, Texas boasts a multitude of bookkeepers, but we compiled a list of bookkeepers in the city for small businesses with revenue under 15 million dollars, which you should undoubtedly consider connecting with.

What Qualities Define a Great Bookkeeper?

A top-notch bookkeeper goes beyond mere financial record-keeping; they proactively offer leadership and guidance grounded in meticulous analysis. Furthermore, they should find patterns in your business, help you pay less in taxes, and be someone you can trust with financial advice.

They should also take care of all the bookkeeping work, so you have more time to make your business grow. Ensure that the company you want to hire has the best errors and omissions insurance for accountants, in the event of errors when doing their job. 

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Cost in Houston, Texas?

The cost of bookkeeping services differs, depending on the company, location, years of experience and the nature of service you want.

In Houston, Texas, the typical salary for a bookkeeper averages $39,447 annually, with salaries ranging from $30,000 to $51,000 per year. This Houston-based salary aligns closely with the national average bookkeeper's salary in the United States, also at $39,447. On an hourly basis, bookkeepers in Houston earn an average rate of $18.96 per hour.

You can contact a small business bookkeeper in Houston to get full details of their bookkeeping services price list.

13 Best Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses in Houston, Texas

If you have decided to outsource bookkeeping services, here are the top Houston bookkeeping services to consider:

1. MAKH Accounting

MAKH Accounting, under the leadership of Ranjit Makhija, is a CPA firm in Houston, TX. This top accounting and bookkeeping firm in Houston provides several services for small businesses. They have expertise in tax reduction planning, bookkeeping, payroll, and offer proactive guidance throughout the year. 

Their objective is to assist businesses in reducing taxes and creating a more profitable and expandable operation. If you have more questions about their services, please visit their website.

2. Global Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions

Global Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions, situated in Houston, is a firm with expertise in bookkeeping and tax services. They provide various financial services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

They offer personalized guidance for risk management and performance enhancement, comprehensive business services, efficient, affordable, and discreet tax services, as well as QuickBooks services designed specifically for small to mid-sized business owners. For more details, please visit their website.


AKIF CPA is a bookkeeping company in Houston. They offer an extensive array of accounting services, such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, business advisory, and valuation. Their specialization in cross-border and international tax makes them an excellent option for businesses engaged in international operations.

One standout feature of AKIF CPA is their proficiency in cryptocurrency accounting. They excel in Defi (decentralized finance), running nodes, NFTs, and handling transactions across various networks. For additional details, please refer to their website.

4. Paramount Tax & Bookkeeping - Southwest Houston

Paramount Tax & Bookkeeping - Southwest Houston is a professional tax preparation company specializing in a wide range of bookkeeping services. They uphold the values of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality, and are devoted to delivering exceptional service to their clients.

Paramount Tax & Bookkeeping is renowned for their proficiency in personal and business taxes, IRS issue resolution, amended tax returns, and tax planning. Additionally, they provide a range of business services, including incorporation, CFO services, bookkeeping, and payroll. Their team comprises licensed professionals such as EAs and Attorneys, offering valuable assistance to individuals and businesses not only in Houston, Texas, but also beyond.

Clients have lauded their prompt and responsive service, as well as their capacity to deliver top-quality services at reasonable rates. If you're a business owner in Houston seeking a professional team of CPAs for comprehensive bookkeeping and tax services, Paramount Tax & Bookkeeping - Southwest Houston comes with strong recommendations. For additional details, please visit their website.

5. Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC

Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC is a team of seasoned bookkeepers based in Houston. They specialize in providing comprehensive bookkeeping services to small businesses, sole proprietors, and individuals. Situated near the Houston Heights neighborhood, they are recognized for their high standards and sincere commitment to serving their clients, making them an excellent choice for small businesses seeking outsourced bookkeeping solutions.

Furthermore, their services go beyond mere bookkeeping. They include QuickBooks management, payroll, and business administration. They hold the distinction of being a QuickBooks-certified ProAdvisor, offering customized advice to meet your specific business requirements. Being a proud member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), they possess the tools to maintain your business's organization and productivity at the desired level.

Whether you're a small business owner, a busy individual, or part of a professional firm, Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC possesses the knowledge and commitment to assist you in efficiently managing your finances. They aren't merely a bookkeeping service; they serve as your personal finance management and organizing team. Visit their website for more information.

6. ProLedge Bookkeeping Services

ProLedge Bookkeeping Services, located in Houston, provides a comprehensive range of services tailored for small businesses. They specialize in QuickBooks bookkeeping and are proficient in tasks ranging from establishing a new company on QuickBooks, resolving issues in your existing records, addressing backlogs of work, to offering day-to-day QuickBooks assistance.

In addition, they provide services like reconciling bank accounts and credit cards, managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, offering training, coordinating with your accountant, and consulting on more complex projects like warehouse management and transitioning between accounting software platforms. Their goal is to assist you in organizing your financial records, ensuring they are ready to be handed over to your CPA for tax preparation. You can visit their website for further details.

7. B&J Bookkeeping and Taxes

B&J Bookkeeping and Taxes, located in Houston, provides an extensive array of services catering to both small businesses and large corporations. Their expertise lies in bookkeeping, tax preparation, and corporate establishment. Recognizing the stress that bookkeeping can impose on business owners, their goal is to simplify the process with a one-click solution.

Furthermore, they provide tax preparation services for individuals, couples, corporations, and various other businesses. Moreover, they offer valuable guidance to businesses on setting up a corporation, potentially resulting in savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars in a single year. If you have questions about their services, you can visit their website.

8. Conner Bookkeeping

Conner Bookkeeping, situated in Houston, is dedicated to assisting both new and small businesses in their development and growth by offering essential and current financial information. Their service portfolio encompasses business advisory, bookkeeping, and collection services. Their team of seasoned professionals is available to provide valuable business advisory services aimed at helping you make well-informed business decisions.

Their bookkeeping services are crafted to assist businesses of all scales in maintaining their financial records and adhering to regulatory requirements. Additionally, they provide collections services, actively pursuing debt collection on your behalf while adhering to federal and state laws governing this process. Visit their website for more info.

9. Dao CPA P.C.

Dao CPA P.C. is a top bookkeeping firm located in Houston. They offer a comprehensive array of accounting services that includes tax preparation, bookkeeping, business advisory, and valuation. Their specialization in cross-border and international tax matters makes them an excellent option for businesses engaged in international operations.

‍A distinctive feature of Dao CPA P.C. is their proficiency in cryptocurrency accounting. They excel in areas like Defi (decentralized finance), node operation, NFT management, and handling transactions across various networks. To learn more, please visit their website.

10. Clean Books Tax & Consulting

Clean Books Tax & Consulting, situated in Houston, provides an extensive array of services for businesses, individuals, and various entities at a reasonable price. Their team of experts boasts over 12 years of experience, supported by a strong educational foundation.

They provide services such as financial reporting, tax strategies, IRS audit assistance, and payroll management. Committed to ethical practices and known for their friendly approach, they are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their financial objectives. Whether working with clients on-site or remotely, they serve clients regardless of their location, be it in the same state or across different countries. Visit their official website for more information.

11. BKPR - Houston Bookkeeper & Tax

BKPR - Houston Bookkeeper & Tax is a firm located in Houston, offering an extensive array of tax, bookkeeping, and financial planning services. Their specialization lies in tax planning, including tax return preparation and form filing.

They provide valuable assistance with business and real estate bookkeeping, record maintenance, and compliance. Moreover, they offer support in managing payroll and employee benefits. Potential clients can have a free consultation to discuss their specific requirements. For further information, please visit their website.

12. Ivonne Yi Bookkeeping, LLC

Ivonne Yi Bookkeeping, LLC is a Houston-based bookkeeping service with a special focus on assisting small businesses, including photography ventures, in organizing their financial records. They have garnered praise from satisfied clients for their professional bookkeeping services. Operating from Tuesday to Saturday, their hours may vary. For additional details, please visit their website.

13. TZM Bookkeeping

TZM Bookkeeping operates as a virtual bookkeeping and accounting services firm, catering to clients across Houston, Texas, and the entire U.S. Their expertise lies in Quickbooks bookkeeping services, and they offer an array of services, including individual tax returns, contracted accounting services for corporate entities, QuickBooks setup, cleanup, and training, continuous bookkeeping services with financial reports, and automation for optimizing QuickBooks and integrated applications. 

Their objective is to furnish businesses with well-organized data to facilitate informed decision-making and goal attainment. For further details, please refer to their website.

Conclusion: Best Bookkeeping Services in Houston

That completes our compilation of the best bookkeeping services in Houston, Texas. Each of these firms brings a distinct approach to bookkeeping. They prioritize the effective management of businesses' financial affairs.

Whether you're a small business owner in search of comprehensive bookkeeping services or an individual seeking tax preparation support, these firms possess the expertise to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

If you need top Houston bookkeeping companies, search for "bookkeeping services near me" on your favorite search engine and you will find the ones close to your location. Take the first step to putting your business books in order. Hire a small business bookkeeping service today.
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